There are many ways you can contribute to Mayan Hands and our talented weavers and their families. Our focus is on providing them with work and giving a “hand up,” not a “handout.”

Host a sale
Would you like to hold a sale at your church, home, school, guild or workplace? Support Mayan women’s struggle to break out of the poverty cycle and transform your home, sanctuary or office into a color-filled market by hosting a Mayan Hands sale. Mayan Hands will ship one or two boxes filled with wonderful and diverse products on consignment. Your organization can take home a percentage of the profits, or you can donate all the proceeds back to Mayan Hands. The products sell themselves, sales are fun—and you do your part in making this world a better place! Please contact us at

Help Increase Our Customer Base – Spread the Word!
Tell your local retailers about Mayan Hands, and give them our website address:  Also, talk with anyone you know doing fundraising and suggest that they sell Mayan Hands products as part of their events.

Donate Funds
All donations we receive will benefit the weavers directly. Here are some examples of what our donation fund has recently accomplished:
•  an array of workshops teaching new skills
•  scholarships for daughters of our artisan partners
• school supplies for the children of our weavers
•  annual leadership meeting for leaders of all the groups
•  eye exams and medical support

Please donate now online or make checks payable to Mayan Hands and mail to:
Mayan Hands
420 Whitehall Road
Albany, NY 12208

Please let us know if you have a specific request for how we use the money. Otherwise it will go into the general donation fund and be used as needed.