Siena College Custom Products

Students and faculty from Siena College, a Fair Trade College in Albany, NY, collaborated with Mayan Hands to develop custom products in their school colors. The products are sold at events like games, conferences and celebrations, and to alumni. Sale of these products enables students to raise funds for projects such as their partnership in Fondwa, Haiti.  At the same time, the collaboration benefits Mayan Hands artisans in their quest to bring their families out of extreme poverty.

Mayan Hands develops  a variety of specialty products and adapts existing products for special requests. Listed below are more examples:

Smithsonian Institution – friendship bracelets and bookmark greeting cards
Nonprofit organizations – logo bracelets
SERRV/A Greater Gift – wall hangings, purses
Weaving conference – tote bags
Enactus, Syracuse University – student ID card holders, bracelets, headbands, portfolios, computer sleeves and many more products in school colors
High schools – products in school colors such as water bottle holders, bracelets, small purses
Colleges – bracelets, ID tags, bookmarks and other products with their school color and logo
Churches and synagogues – altar cloths, ark covers and similar ritual cloths
Human rights advocates – rainbow stoles

Please contact Anne Kelly at if you’d like more information on how to develop products for your organization.