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Backstrap Loom


Myth has it that Our Grandmother the Moon, the goddess Ixchel, taught the first woman how to weave at the beginning of time. Since then, mothers have taught daughters to weave, sharing with them the beauty and meaning of their rich cultural traditions. If you've always been fascinated by the art of backstrap weaving, here is a loom so you can try it yourself. Made in Guatemala, these are just like the looms used by our artisan partners. You may want to sand the wood and/or finish it. Backstrap belt is not included, but may be purchased separately here.

This loom includes:

  • 3 notched loom bars (16", 13" between notches)
  • 1 shed bar (16")
  • 3 leash sticks/heddle rods (16", one is notched)
  • 1 batten/sword/beater (20")

If you would like to learn more about backstrap weaving, we recommend that you visit Laverne Waddington's website, Backstrap Weaving, where you will find many excellent resources, including instructions for use. Laverne also demonstrates how to weave on a backstrap loom in the video Operating a Backstrap Loomavailable for purchase from Taproot Videos.