• A Century of Color Mayan Weaving DVD

A Century Of Color - Maya Weaving & Textiles - Endangered Threads DVD

$ 20.00


The highlands of Guatemala radiate brilliantly colored clothing and artisan products. Gustavus Eisen's 1902 collecton of photographs and textiles at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California/Berkeley, provides a starting point to examine Maya weaving during the ensuing decades with stunning examples of blouses, skirts, belts, hair ribbons, ikat, embroidery, and men's wear.

Interwoven with examples through the century and stunning footage of present day Maya, this documentary shows the effects of cultural changes brought about by the recent 36-year Civil War, introduction of Spanish language in rural schools, proliferation of mass media, increased tourism and artisan organizations, changes in the role of women, pressure from a globalized world economy, and importation of vast quantities of cheap, new, and used clothing.

Running Time: 53 minutes.


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