Handwoven Cinta by the Yard - 1/2" wide

SU-CI1/2'' - TRAIN

Our artisan partners have woven their gorgeous colorful cinta for you to purchase by the yard for your own projects. Cintas, intricately woven with geometric shapes, images of animals or people, and abstract designs, are made to be worn as hair ribbons. As is true with the traje, or traditional dress worn by Maya women, each community has its own designs. 

You can use these exquisite mini-tapestries to embellish your special creations, whether trim for a garment, accent for a bag, or as a hair ornamentation. 

Choose from four different patterns or color combinations designed by cinta weavers in Chirijquiac. Sold by the yard in one yard increments. If you purchase more than one yard of a particular pattern or color, we will send it to you in one piece. Ends are unfinished and will be secured with tape to prevent unraveling.

  • 100% cotton
  • 1/2" wide