Madre Tierra


Inspired by the spirit of Madre Tierra (Mother Earth), our artisan partners have created a collection of coordinating handwoven table linens and baskets, each designed to enhance your table with the elements of nature and the beauty of handmade. Layer color, pattern, and texture to set a table that elevates any meal and celebrates the earth's bounty.

Large Haida Basket $ 92.00 USD
Harvest Basket
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Harvest Basket $ 64.00 USD
Martina Basket
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Martina Basket $ 56.00 USD
Chumil Basket
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Chumil Basket $ 55.00 USD
Bernarda Basket
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Bernarda Basket $ 42.00 USD
Azucena Basket
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Azucena Basket $ 36.00 USD
Flecha Placemat
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Flecha Placemat $ 10.00 USD
Mayra Basket
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Mayra Basket $ 35.00 USD
Margarita Basket
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Margarita Basket $ 32.00 USD
Zoila Basket
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Zoila Basket $ 32.00 USD
Lidia Basket
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Lidia Basket $ 24.00 USD
Napkin Cord
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Napkin Cord $ 3.50 USD
Catarina Basket
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Catarina Basket $ 18.00 USD