Host a Mayan Hands Trunk Show!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to hosting a successful Mayan Hands Trunk Show! Mayan Hands is a fair trade organization that collaborates with skilled women artisans from Maya communities in Guatemala to create unique handmade products. Hosting a trunk show is a great way to introduce your community to ethical, meaningful gifts, while supporting fair trade and sustainable income-earning opportunities for women.

A beautiful assortment of handwoven table linens, pine needle baskets, and colorful scarves arranged in a tabletop display

What is a Mayan Hands trunk show?

When you host a trunk show, you showcase and sell Mayan Hands products: introducing your friends, family, and community to meaningful gifts handmade by Maya women artisans.

What products can I sell?

The Basic Box includes an assortment of popular products. You can also choose add-on modules based on your preferences and the size of your event.

How do I become a trunk show host?

Hosting a trunk show is easy! Download the Mayan Hands Trunk Show Agreement, which outlines the details of the trunk show, including product options and return policies. Fill out the agreement and select your product options, and Mayan Hands will ship the products to you prior to your show.

Please schedule winter holiday sales early, as our calendar fills up quickly this time of year.

How do I host a successful trunk show?

Our top tips to ensure that your trunk show is a success:

  • Choose a date and location that is convenient and accessible for your friends, family, and community.
  • Create an inviting and attractive display for the products.
  • Provide information about the artisans and Mayan Hands, including fair trade practices.
  • Offer refreshments or small treats to your guests.
  • Encourage your guests to explore the products, ask questions about the artisans and Mayan Hands.
  • Provide a way for guests to purchase products via cash, check, or credit card.

What happens after the trunk show?

After the trunk show, you will return any unsold merchandise within 3 weeks of the sale date. You’ll complete the inventory form included in the box and return the unsold merchandise in its original condition. Contact Mayan Hands with the dimensions and weight of the return box to receive a UPS return label via email. If you choose to ship the box on your own, send tracking information. Mayan Hands will inventory the box and send you a final invoice. Payment can be made by check or by requesting a secure link to pay by credit card.

Fundraising opportunities

As a trunk show host, you are eligible to retain 10% of your total sales. Or, you can choose to return all sale proceeds to create even greater impact for talented craftswomen in Guatemala.

Your impact

Hosting a Mayan Hands trunk show is a not only a fun way to sell unique gifts in your community— you’re also creating positive impact extending all the way to our artisan partners’ communities in Guatemala!

When you host a trunk show, you expand market access for skilled Maya women artisans. With regular, fair income, women are able to achieve financial independence and invest in their futures, pay for their children’s schooling, and invest in home improvements and quality nutrition.