"There are no normal people here, are there?"

mayan hands in san pedro
Part II - San Pedro la Laguna
This story gives me a constantly-repeating opportunity to just sit down and laugh hard, too hard to keep standing up. I wish I had it all on camera.
The hippies that used to sell their jewelry on the streets of Panajachel have all moved to San Pedro. In addition, San Pedro has the reputation of being the recreational drug capital of Guatemala. If you want it, it's there. So with that as a backdrop...
The women decided that instead of going straight to the docks we would walk around a little, to see what this other town looked like. Good for them. I don't know how many of you have seen the newest Star Wars movie, or saw the first one, but the bar scenes that are so great with odd creatures from many galaxies have nothing over that treat in San Pedro. I, Deborah Chandler, was in awe of what I was seeing, and I cannot even imagine what was really inside the heads of the women from San Rafael. I can tell you that after we passed the main throng, one of them said something to me like, "There are no normal people here, are there, I mean like us, in traje?" Tattoos equaled only in Hawaii. Piercings in all the places we know of, but not just with the things that are usually used. One guy had glittery cones sticking out of his ears. Haircuts - and not - and colors and shapes that take creativity to a new level. It was amusing, then overwhelming, then just too funny. I am sure they will never forget it. 
After our fill of that, we headed back to Pana. They had all been to Pana before, but none had ever crossed the lake.The ride back was rough and Berta called home mid-lake to say that if they never saw her again it was because she drowned in the lake. None of them knows how to swim and both trips across the lake were a little scary. 
To be continued...

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