A Girl Can Do Anything!

mayan girls education
The evidence is clear. When you change the world for a girl through education, she'll change the world for everyone around her. 

  • Educated woman are healthier. They are less likely to marry early and against their will, will have fewer and healthier children and will send their own children to school. 
  • An educated woman earns more. Even one year of secondary education correlates with a 20% increase in wages later in life. An educated woman will reinvest her income back into her family and community.
  • Education fosters critical thinking skill, essential for tomorrow's leaders. With a quality education, girls can make informed choices, improving their country's social and economic well-being. 

  • Unfortunately, girls face barriers to the quality education they deserve, simply because they are girls. Domestic housework, cultural bias, poverty, hunger, violence, and early or forced marriage are a daily reality. In Guatemala by age 18, nearly 40% of Mayan girls are married and by 19, half have had a child. Nearly one third of all girls in Guatemala are engaged in child labor, forced to drop out of school to help support their families or because they are unable to afford the cost of uniforms, books, supplies and transportation. 
    But there is hope and change is happening! In Guatemala, daughters of illiterate mothers are completing high school and are ready to attend university. Educating girls can break the cycle of poverty in one generation. 
    Mayan Hands is happy to offer you the opportunity to make education possible for girls in Guatemala by donating to Mayan Hands Education Fund. 100% of your donation will directly assist the children of Mayan Hands artisans. Listen to the dreams of current Mayan Hands scholarship recipients: 

    "My dream is to be a teacher, because I love to learn and want to share that with children."

    "I am studying business administration and hope some day to open my own business, with other women, selling artisan crafts." 

    "I want to study medicine at the university so I can help those who are suffering."

    "I don't know yet what career I will pursue. But I know I want to be a professional and a role model for my younger sisters and brother and their friends." 
    Last year, you provided scholarships for 38 girls and school supplies for over 200 children. There is a substantial waiting list for scholarships and this year several girls are poised to attend university.  You can make the dream of an education a reality for even more girls this year. Please make a contribution by donating here so that together we can help Mayan women and their families move from poverty to prosperity.

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