Celebrating 30 Years!

This year, Mayan Hands turns 30 and we are celebrating!

Since our very earliest days, when founder Brenda Rosenbaum started her collaboration with Mayan women weavers in Guatemala, our mission has been to provide economic opportunity to women, because we know that a woman’s life changes dramatically when she has income. And when a woman has resources, she invests that in her family and her community. The ripple effect is profound.

Over the next year, we will be sharing our story, which means sharing the stories of the amazing women we work with. Despite significant societal and personal obstacles, every day our artisan partners proudly create beauty to share with the world, raise their families, invest in their communities, and preserve the traditions and culture they cherish.

None of this would be possible without the support of so many who believe in opportunity. Like our artisan partners, we are deeply grateful to the stores, customers, donors, volunteers who have walked this journey with us. You are part of the story too.

We’re so happy to see how far we’ve come. And we look forward to the work ahead, as we rededicate ourselves to our mission, deepening and expanding our impact.

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