Girl Power

Mayan Hands scholarship meeting
For Mayan Hands-Guatemala director Julio Cardona, one of the best days of the year is when scholarships are distributed to daughters of Mayan Hands weavers. During the celebration last month, he told the girls that their scholarships are not gifts, but are directly linked to the hard work of their mothers and supporters who believed in their potential. 

Mayan Hands founder Brenda Rosenbaum reminded students that their language, dress and way of life should be treasured, as they represent an ancient and valued culture that needn't be abandoned in pursuit of their dream.

At the gathering, girls committed to their education and mothers committed to supporting their daughters. Educating a girl is the very best way to empower the woman she will become and create lasting change in her community. Thanks to your support, Mayan Hands was able to commit to supp

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