In Her Own Words

As the school year in Guatemala draws to a close, we celebrate the achievements of our scholarship recipients. With the financial support of our donors and the support of their families, these girls are passionate about their education and have big dreams. 


We asked them about these dreams and here is what they have to say:


elida scholarship recipient

I hope to continue at the university and study to be a professional nurse so that I can help those needing my assistance. I hope that in my village there will be no more deaths from curable diseases. I also wish my village to have a pharmacy. I will strive t
o achieve this dream, working hard each day. I want to find a secure job so I can help my parents with household expenses. - Elida, 14


roxana scholarship recipientThank you very much for the scholarship that allows me to study and acheive what I've always longed for, which is to become a secretary and to be able to work with you at Mayan Hands. - Roxana, 13

I love learning and going to school. sayda scholarship recipient Ing to school. Since I was a little girl, my dream has always been to be a teacher, helping children to learn. - Sayda, 13


virginia mayan hands scholarship recipient

I would like to study
 the field of business administration and become an expert. My dream is to go to the university so I can be a professional. I want to help my family overcome poverty and and provide good example for my sisters and brothers. - Virginia, 16



lidia mayan hands scholarship recipientI am very grateful to you for the generous support you have given me, all of which covers my necessities, which allows me to continue my studies. My dream is to become a professional that serves society and I want to continue at the university so that I can be a lawyer. - Lidia, 17





mayan hands scholarship
My family and I want to thank you for the support that I have given me. My family does not have enough to pay for my studies because we are five children who are now in school. I have dreams of being a doctor and I hope that I can achieve my goal. I know that with your support, I will fulfill these dreams so that someday I can help the people in my community who need much assistance. - Ema, 13



mayan hands scholarship recipient
Thank you with all my heart for supporting me with my studies. God bless you. I am in second Basic and i want to study the career of an expert in Business Administration. My dream is to be an English teacher. - Yesica, 14







maria mayan hands scholarship recipientThe course that I like now is computing because I am learning to work with many programs. But I'd like to be a professional nurse so I can help those who are in need. My dream is to work in a hospital to help sick people who are suffering from many illnesses. - Maria, 15











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