Our Youngest Donor

Mayan Hands donor EllieA very special donation for $111 arrived at the Mayan Hands office this week.  It came from eleven-year-old Ellie, our very youngest donor ever!

Ellie’s family is originally from Guatemala. In her travels there she has seen first-hand the difficult living conditions of Mayan people. For her 11th birthday, she decided to support the daughters of our artisan partners to attend school and have a brighter future. Ellie knows that few Mayan girls her age are able to finish 6th grade. They are usually pulled out of school because their families are very poor and need their work. The girls end up marrying young, become mothers soon thereafter and are, thus, destined to repeat the cycle of poverty.



Ellie's letter is an inspiration:

“For my birthday I asked my parents to make a donation to Mayan Hands instead of buying me a gift. I have everything I need so I would rather help a girl like me attend school. I encourage other kids to consider helping instead of getting a new toy. It made me happy to celebrate my birthday in this way. My mother loves Mayan Hands, so I knew this would be a good organization to help."


Thank you, Ellie! 

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