Their Mothers' Story

mayan hands scholarship fund

When the girls of San Rafael gathered this week with their mothers for the distribution of scholarship funds, they excitedly told us about their favorite subjects and their aspirations. They shared their challenges, too... tests, assignments, so much time for homework at night. Smile after smile as they told their stories.

The real story belongs to their mothers. Their daughters’ education means the world! We gathered in a circle and, in turn, the women told us how far they were able to go in school when they were girls. For one woman it was 2nd grade, another 3rd. Maria Patrocenia proudly said she attended up to 6th grade, when she was 12. Fulgencia said she was never able to go to school, not a day. Back then education for a girl who would eventually marry was not considered a good investment.

But these moms are investing in their daughters. “We are fighting for them,” said Bernarda. "They will have a better future.”

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