Emergency Artisan Support Appeal

At this difficult time for all of us, we wish you health and strength. This is also a time of crisis for the Mayan women we work with and we turn to you to help them through.

Mayan Hands artisan partners share a meal

We are worried… the prices of our basic foods are going up every day and all other sources of income have dried up. – Josefa, Santiago Atitlán
We don’t know when we’ll be able work again. That means that we will have no income. But our children are hungry today and we need to feed them” – Apolonia, San Pablo la Laguna

This is a precarious time for the women of Mayan Hands. The government in Guatemala has taken drastic action, instituting a curfew and closing all borders, businesses, and public transportation. The global economy has stalled, as have our sales, so the women will not receive the regular income they depend on. In a country with no safety net, and where the price of corn, the staple of their diet, has doubled this week, this means they cannot provide for their families. 
We are asking for your help. Together with our dedicated team in Guatemala, we will implement a program of direct subsidies to support our artisan partners as they face this crisis. Your donation will provide the women with income during this time of immediate need and will sustain them and their families until they are able to return to work.  100% of your donation will go directly to the women so they can support their families. 
With 30 years’ experience partnering with Mayan women to create economic stability, safe working conditions, and educational opportunity, Mayan Hands is uniquely positioned to provide the support needed now. With your help, we are as strong and resilient as our artisan partners, and can continue to empower Mayan women in their quest to lift their families and communities out of extreme poverty.

We know this is a difficult and uncertain time for so many. Any support will help ensure the health and safety of our beloved artisan partners. Your generosity creates life-changing opportunity and hope for the future.

We wish you health and peace, and are ever so grateful for your support.

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